Linksys BEFSX41

I’m losing the password on the remote BEFSX41. I change it, it works for that night, then the next day I can’t connect. It seems if I change the password on TheGreenBow and the BEFSX41 I’m back in business…at least for awhile.

Seems there are a lot of problems with the BEFSX41, but I see notes that indicate other VPN routers have the same problems.

I’m going to set the remote BEFSX41 so I can make changes from the shop. That way I can keep changing the password and other parameters until I find out what’s going on. The only problem with this is that I’ll be messing with the internet connections at the remote.

I found this great forum discussion. It’s not directly related to my password problem but has lots of clues about what to change.

Notes I’ve made about possible changes or explorations:

plugged into ups?
linksys … vpn … advanced … keep alive
upgrade firmware then reset, then reconfigure
just try resetting and reconfiguring
1. Remove Router Logging
2. Turn off UPNP
lower MTU to 1400 for dsl
allow remote user…tape username to front of router

remote LAN (server) still the same?
LAN (server) static IP of 1.60?

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