Linux Mint 15 KDE 64bit

I’m testing Linux Mint 15 64bit with the KDE interface. I plan to test virtual machines on this setup. These are notes about the process


  1. Downloaded Mint 15 KDE with uTorrent from
  2. Used YUMI- from to create a multi-bootable USB drive to install Mint 15 from. Simple to use, no install necessary, boots almost anything in their list including Windows.
  3. I had problems with the nvidia graphics drivers, mouse and keyboard after entering password on first boot so the following steps fix that.
  4. During setup I avoided auto login so I could fix a graphics problem. In other words I used a password.
  5. Once I got to the first boot password stage I entered my password and immediately started quickly pressing the “e” key. This allowed me to go into a mode to adjust settings.
  6. I searched for update and followed the steps to update Mint 15 and all the other preinstalled applications.
  7. I then opened software manager and searched for nvidia. I installed the first three packages listed related to nvidia. It was a little confusing but I installed them anyway.
  8. My attempt to reboot after installing the nvidia drivers locked the screen at “rebooting in 29 seconds” or whatever it said.
  9. I pulled the power and rebooted. KDE came up nicely this time.


I wanted to create a disk image or snapshot of some kind at this point because, well, now it’s working!



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