Writing structure

W = Who – Determine who your most primary target audience is (not to be in the piece of writing).

W = What – Define what it is you are writing about.

W = Why – Discuss why it’s important.

W = Ways – Give 3-5 ways or tips so the reader can apply the “what”.

E = Example – Share an example or case study.

E = Encourage – End with a “you can do it!” paragraph.

You may find that after having written on all these areas, in your near-final edit, you want the Why to come before the What.

One last thought on this. There are powerful trigger words and the following link takes you to an article that classifies and describes some key ones.


Dr. Eidelson pointed out that most of us have five core concerns.

Vulnerability: Are we safe?
Injustice: Are we being treated fairly.
Trust: Who can we trust?
Superiority: Are we good enough?
Helplessness: Can we control what happens to us?


You make sure you have the five elements that every great marketing story needs:

  1. A hero
  2. A goal
  3. An obstacle
  4. A mentor
  5. A moral

Number 4 is where you come in.



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