Circles — healing, discovery, learning and caring

“We are interested in the promotion of healing, regardless of whether or not curing takes place. Make no mistake, we’re also interested in the notion of curing, but that isn’t our primary focus. It’s not that a cure is too much to hope for; it’s just that it is too little. We view healing and curing as parallel paths, sometimes overlapping, often intertwining… but distinct paths nevertheless.

It is possible to be cured but not healed, healed but not cured, or both, or neither. Of the two, curing is sometimes beyond our personal influence and the efforts of those around us, but healing doesn’t have to be.

The root of the word “healing” is “to make whole”. Whether we feel broken or damaged by cancer or some other condition, or incomplete through the trauma of loss or absence, the question remains: How do we make ourselves whole?”

  • Healing Circles are safe environments for those with a common condition to share their experiences and harvest collective wisdom.
  • Discovery Circles are for those who like to process whatever they are facing through a specific form of creative expression.
  • Learning Circles are for those who share an interest in a topic or wish to develop a healing skill.
  • Caring Circles support those who care for others, including family, friends, professionals, and volunteers.


  • By creative expression – Examples: Ritual, art, poetry, music, and movement
  • By addressing soul questions – Examples: Meaning & purpose, grief, fear, and uncertainty
  • By energy work – Examples: Healing touch, healing intention, and sensitivities to subtle energies
  • Deepening our own personal work – Examples: Love, trust, compassion, and gratitude.
  • By humor and laughter



  • Introduction — purpose and process
    • Breath consciousness
    • Candle lighting (green for connection)
    • Crystal placement (to bring attention to vibrations)
    • Breathe consciousness
  • Creative circle
    • Rhythm to bring us together
    • Sounds to bring us into harmony
    • Circle of responses to non-sense sounds or names
    • Individual expressions (song, poetry, movement, humor)
    • Meditative time out
    • Group experience
      • Bouncing balloon
      • String throwing
  • Discovery circle
    • Breathe consciousness
    • Reflect on feelings of the moment
    • Share anything to comes present
    • Express concern if someone seems distant or distraught
    • Healing sounds
  • Learning circle
    • Teach something
  • Caring circle
    • Support our role as caregivers
  • Closing
    • Rhythm and sound
    • Bone painting
    • Hugs
  • Debrief

“To set up your Circle, in addition to your stones, you will also need to have a cloth of natural fibers (silk, cotton, etc.), and a compass. You should choose a quiet space in which to work with your healing circle. You may also wish to light candles, burn incense, or play soft music while you do your work.”


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