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Dragon Naturally Speaking

Thursday, September 25th, 2008

Looking for microphones, there is a blue tooth headset by Sennheiser (BW900) that looks to be incredible and should for the $389.00 asking price ($277.00 at CDW)

BW900 image

Linksys BEFSX41

Tuesday, November 21st, 2006

I’m losing the password on the remote BEFSX41. I change it, it works for that night, then the next day I can’t connect. It seems if I change the password on TheGreenBow and the BEFSX41 I’m back in business…at least for awhile.

Seems there are a lot of problems with the BEFSX41, but I see notes that indicate other VPN routers have the same problems.

I’m going to set the remote BEFSX41 so I can make changes from the shop. That way I can keep changing the password and other parameters until I find out what’s going on. The only problem with this is that I’ll be messing with the internet connections at the remote.

I found this great forum discussion. It’s not directly related to my password problem but has lots of clues about what to change.

Notes I’ve made about possible changes or explorations:

plugged into ups?
linksys … vpn … advanced … keep alive
upgrade firmware then reset, then reconfigure
just try resetting and reconfiguring
1. Remove Router Logging
2. Turn off UPNP
lower MTU to 1400 for dsl
allow remote user…tape username to front of router

remote LAN (server) still the same?
LAN (server) static IP of 1.60?

BEFSX41 Linksys VPN Router setup

Saturday, June 10th, 2006

Okay, so this only took a year of procrastination that included 100’s of dollars to become educated about, but I finally have it. Now I can share it with whoever would wind up here.

The directions for this thing are terrible and the wizard was useless, but I’m here to help with that. These directions are for a cable setup. I think it will work okay with DSL but I’ll be exploring that next week and I’ll report back on that experience.
First, connect a cable from the cable modem to the BEFSX41, then connect from the BEFSX41 to the PC. Now power on.

Select RUN from the start menu and type WINIPCFG and hit enter. Select from the drop down list the ethernet card you are using. See picture below:

Click the “release” button then the “renew” button. You are now connected to the BEFSX41 router.

Open a browser, click on the “stop” button ’cause it ain’t going nowhere on the internet yet.

Into the browser address bar type

Leave the username blank and type Admin into the password box (that is unless someone changed things in which case you’d need to use the ‘reset’ button on the back of the router).

Select the “Status” tab on the top main menu.

Below on the page there will be two buttons.

Click on the “DHCP Release” button first.

Now clikc on the “DHCP Renew” button.


That should do it. You should now be able to open the home page on your browser.

If you have encountered any problems along the road here unplug your cable modem, leave it sit until the count of 20 then plug it back in. Wait until the lights are all working and try the above steps again.

Hope this helps you, unless I miss-remembered a step that should do it.

Dual Disk Data backup controller

Monday, May 8th, 2006

ARAID 2000 SATA RAID 1 Dual Disk Data Storage/ Back-up Controller was the first such device I looked at, but I found a competing product.
As of the date of this post the ARAID 2000 can be bought at Carday Supply in for $390 plus $46 for an extra tray.

Carday Supply also carries a similar product called the Stardom-2600, which is $332 plus $24 for extra tray. Data Storage Management Solutions also carries the Stardom line.

PC-pitstop has the Stardom 2600 for $269 plus $37.50 for extra tray. They also have Western Digital 160GB SATA-II drives for $78 each (or bottom end Maxtor 80gb SATA HD w/8mb cache, 6Y080M0 for $55 each). This solution would mean a cage, extra tray and 3 HDDs would be $540 plus shipping, or with cheaper HDDs $471.

Both of these brands allow two harddrives, each in two a removable drawer, that mirror each other. The Raid hardware is included in the case so the computer only sees one harddrive.

Strangely, the device will copy a hard drive without connection to a computer if it has the right power supplied.

Nice NETGEAR ProSafe JGS516 Gigabyte 16 Port Switch for $199 with rebate at Egghead.