Virtual Box, Linux Mint, Drupal and civiCASE — Part 6

Here we add special customizations to CiviCRM and CiviCase module

Preparing for import

Contacts — create csv file

  • CiviCRM menu/Contacts/Import Contacts
  • Separate contacts into files by Individual/Household/Organization

EXAMPLE: If you are importing a mixture of Individuals who are “Students” and “Parents” and “Staff” subtypes, select “Individual” here AND include a column in your import file which contains the subtype for each row.

If all records in the file belong to the same subtype, then select that subtype from the “Subtype” field. All records will be automatically assigned to that subtype. In this case you do NOT need to include a Subtype column in the file.

  • Field separator

Enter the character used to separate data columns in your import file. By default, the field will populate with the separator defined in your global settings. Common values include a comma, semicolon, or pipe character. To import a tab separated file, enter “tab” (without quotes) in the field.

Contact Activities

  • CiviCRM menu/Contacts/Import Activities



Usernames and Passwords

CiviCase Settings

Contact types

Contact groups


Custom fields



Special Customization

Contact Types

Add types specific to the firm (i.e. client, expert)

Outbound Email — settings failed, check further

From Email Address Options —

Organize your contacts

 End — Click for Part 1

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